… to enlighten her future.

If girls learn to read and write now, they can become successful entrepreneurs when they grow up. Additionally, if girls are enrolled in school, they enjoy better health.

Educate the girl…
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Empowering Her
…for better success.

By joining our literacy training, Helen can now read and write, keep books and help her children with their homework. She is more confident and empowered to succeed in whatever business venture she chooses.

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Help her save…
…for a better future.

With your support, a micro loan will mean Rupina’s hard work can pay off. She can now earn enough to save for a decent house for her family.

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Fulfilling Dreams…
…for her children

Just like you, Sharifa wants a good education for her children. TGC micro loans can help her provide that vital opportunity. With a sustainable income, she can pay for school uniforms and fees.


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We are a non-profit organization that supports a more prosperous future for the most impoverished women in the world using the power of micro loans.

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Women earning less than $2/day lack capital to create income.

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Impoverished women receiving a micro loan can send their children to school.

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You can help a woman create a sustainable income to support her family's basic needs.

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The Greater Contribution is proud to be celebrating our 11th Anniversary of empowering impoverished women through the power of over 12,000 micro loans.

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We keep our expenses down so more of your donations go directly to benefit impoverished women.