Our Micro Loan Program


Essential Elements of Success


In rural areas of Uganda, where we currently lend, jobs are scarce, especially for women. To survive, women must create their own jobs by selling whatever they can to support their family. However, selling products is not the same as running a profitable, sustainable business.

These women are often not successful for two reasons. One is lack of capital and the other is lack of training. The Greater Contribution’s micro loan program addresses both of these challenges.

We want all of our borrowers to be successful, so in addition to receiving a micro loan they receive three days of business training. Our training includes budgeting, inventory control, record keeping, business planning, writing a business plan and more. Attendance at this training is mandatory for a woman to receive a loan.

After receiving her loan, each borrower comes to the loan center every two weeks to make her loan payment. At the same time, the loan coordinators give another mini-lesson, a repeat of one of the lessons from the three days of business training.

MICRO LOANS provide needed capital. Since lack of capital is the one of the primary reasons women living in the developing world are unable to earn a sustainable income, we provide micro loans of $100- $300 to start or grow a small business. With their micro loans, women purchase seeds, chickens, feed, second-hand clothing, and other items to sell at greater profit and earn a sustainable income.

On average, each borrower supports a family of five. Therefore, each micro loan benefits around five people. When the loan is paid back and loaned out again and again, the number of people benefited exponentially multiplies.

Since our inception, The Greater Contribution has funded over 12,000 micro loans

MENTORING: We also provide a trained, local loan coordinator for every twenty women. Our coordinators meet with each woman on a one-to-one basis once a month to monitor her success, advise her and help her solve any problems that are impeding the growth of her business. Our loan coordinators also continue to emphasize the importance of saving, a concept that is often new to women who have been previously living at a subsistence level.

PEER SUPPORT: We loan to local women’s groups, who have already formed a Community Based Organization (CBO) in order to support each other in their communities. By loaning to these established women’s groups, we tap into an already supportive and cooperative atmosphere. After our borrowers receive their micro loans, they continue to meet with other women in their loan group. They share success stories, ideas about what’s working or not working in their businesses. They support and educate each other as they grow and develop as businesswomen.

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