Legacy Society

Ensure Your Legacy with Planned Giving

Our Legacy Society lets you take steps today so that what you care about continues to receive your sponsorship. Including The Greater Contribution in your estate planning ensures your ongoing support of women as they work their way out of poverty. Your donation will be used to provide micro loans, literacy training and business awareness for women who want to create a better life for their families.

You have choices. There are many alternatives for planned giving, all of which allow you to make a charitable donation while potentially garnering supplemental retirement income, receiving income tax deductions and setting up the smooth transfer of your estate to your heirs.

Check with your accountant, financial planner or attorney regarding:
* Revocable Living Trust
* Endowment
* Life Estate
* Bonds, Stocks and Annuities
* IRA, 401k and Life Insurance
* Charitable Lead Trust
* Will
* Living Trust

To learn more about joining our Legacy Society by including The Greater Contribution in your estate plan, contact us at jolynn.feinstein@greatercontribution.org or 805-551-5494.

Note that we encourage all planned giving donors to discuss the options with their account and/or seek counsel from their attorney. The above is not presented as legal advice.