The Greater Contribution understands that no one organization alone can successfully eradicate poverty, so we partner with organizations that share our mission of providing programs that empower and support impoverished people to lift themselves out of poverty. We are privileged to be partnering with these wonderful organizations, which allow us to be able to provide the opportunity of micro loans to a greater number of impoverished women in East Africa.



CCC.LOGO Medium 1This U.S. based non-profit runs a medical clinic in the rural village of Lwaboba, Uganda. Several years ago, they recognized that this poor village needed more than just medical care. It needed capital infusion. The Greater Contribution now provides life-changing micro loans to local women while CCC continues to provide life-saving medical care. Conejo Compassion Coalition has been a valuable partner to The Greater Contribution, by not only helping us introduce our micro loan program to this rural area, but also providing us with rent-free office space from which to run our loan program. We could not do our work with them. We are truly grateful for their partnership.


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 2.14.03 PMThey believe in empowering Ugandans to overcome poverty through a variety of mechanisms, including micro lending to establish small businesses. Since 2013, The Greater Contribution has provided funding for their micro loan program, which provides education, training and support for borrowers, which TGC believes are essential to the ultimate success of borrowers’ businesses.




pik-tekA community-based organization founded by women refugees, to support women refugees who fled their homes in Northern Uganda during the many violent conflicts. All lost their homes and, many, their husbands, becoming the sole support for their families in a new village. Originally pooling their slight savings together to provide loans to one another, The Greater Contribution stepped-up to ensure that all members of the group had the opportunity to receive valuable, life-changing micro loans.




Vac-Net LogoVac-Net has allowed us to extend the reach of our micro loans into Northern Uganda. It is a Ugandan non-profit that provides social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and illiteracy, which contribute to creation of social systems that promote peace, human security enhancement and women’s empowerment in Northern Uganda. The Greater Contribution is privileged to support expansion of their successful micro loan program and literacy program. The Greater Contribution recently provided funding for 226 women borrowers to receive literacy education. In return, Vac-Net’s staff has assisted us in training our loan coordinators and loan administrators.