Empowering the Poorest of the Poor

Breaking the Chains of Poverty for Women and Girls

Empowering the Poorest of the Poor

Breaking the Chains of Poverty for Women and Girls

From Surviving
to Thriving

We are a nonprofit organization empowering some of the most impoverished women in the world. Through micro loans, hard-working women develop small, sustainable businesses to lift their families out of poverty. Micro loans ignite powerful change.

Creating Sustainable Incomes

49% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa live on less than $1.25/day. We provide micro loans of $50 to $350 to impoverished women in rural Uganda to help grow their small businesses so they can better support themselves and their families. 98% of micro loans are paid off in full. Learn more about our micro loan program .

Training for Business Success

Lack of training prevents many rural Ugandan women from succeeding in their businesses. Our borrowers receive business training, mentoring and peer support, providing them with the tools they need to work their way out of extreme poverty, as well as gaining increased confidence. Learn more about our training program.

Closing the Adult Education Gap

A lack of basic education has severely disadvantaged Ugandan women and limited their ability to provide for their families. Our recipients receive literacy training because we believe education is key to empowerment and communication skills are critical to independence and success. Learn more about our literacy program.

Keeping Girls in School

In Uganda, 58 million primary school-age children are not in school. 60% are girls. Ugandan girls often don’t advance to secondary school. So we participate in the Healthy Periods Initiative so we can provide girls with the health education and resources to stay in school and support them in escaping the cycle of poverty. Learn more about our programs for girls.

Transforming Lives Through Opportunity and Education

In Uganda, where women are severely impoverished and severely disadvantaged, The Greater Contribution provides opportunities for them to escape the ongoing, cruel cycle of poverty and to direct their lives in meaningful ways. Women move from a status of “just kitchen women” to successful businesswomen—and even to community activists and office holders! Women are creating lives of self-sufficiency, dignity and stability for themselves and their families. Be sure to watch our videos below to learn more.

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