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Watch our videos to see how your donations brighten lives in Uganda – and why the Black-Tie No-Show Dinner is critical to our continued success!

Staying Strong Through the Pandemic

Like everywhere else in the world, the coronavirus pandemic is taking a huge toll on Ugandans. Click here to learn more and see how The Greater Contribution is strengthening its efforts to provide greater health, safety and security for Uganda’s families.


A Whole Bright Future For Someone

The Life of a Ugandan Woman

We are a non-profit organization that supports a more prosperous future for the most impoverished women in the world using the power of over 18,000 micro loans.

We Provide the Keys to Escaping Poverty

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The Need

Women earning less than $2/day lack capital to create income for their families.

Lives Transformed

Impoverished women receiving a micro loan can send their children to school.

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Help a woman create a sustainable income to support her family's basic needs.