Brad Keiffer

Introductory Board Member

In a quarter-century of international travel, Brad Kieffer had one of his biggest “aha!” experiences in Africa. After meeting and overnighting with village leaders, school children, parents and educators, he knew he wanted to one day give back to the cultures that treated him with such kindness, generosity and love. As a member of The Greater Contribution’s board of directors, he is fulfilling that dream.

Brad retired in 2018 from a corporate communications career spent with Health Net, LLC, Anthem, Inc. and The Disney Stores. He now provides communications and public relations project management and counsel. At The Greater Contribution, he collaborates with others on a variety of communications and public relations efforts.

He and his wife Karen Oxrider live in Ventura County. They enjoy spending time wherever hiking boots and trekking poles are needed, and planning where they will find their next aha! moments.