Michelle Pernice

Introductory Board Member

Michelle was fortunate to learn the nonprofit ropes at a young age through a NY-based charity, ‘A Midwinter Night’s Dream’, which benefited the fight against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which was acclaimed in the New York Times as a “million-dollar success.” While working towards her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree, she discovered her passion for healthcare as a human right.

In her post-doctoral fellowship at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, she founded an International Public/Private Partnership in East Africa focused on promulgating access to malaria treatments. Through this experience, Michelle realized her life and career goal to close the gap between healthcare innovation and developing countries. She sought to expand her experience in innovative drug development at Amgen, Inc and now is focusing her career back towards public health, through her role at an innovative vaccines development company.

Michelle has also served as a non‑profit board member for a Sierra Leone-based organization until 2018. With a fervent love for promoting women’s independence at every opportunity, she is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the TGC board. She is inspired by the women who have benefited from TGC-provided microloans to date, and looks forward to contributing towards many borrowers’ successes to come.