Trip Report 2018

By September 3, 2018June 21st, 20212018 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel
Ugandan women holding sign celebrating literacy learning.

Hello Dear Supporters,

I’m just back from my 12th trip to Uganda to oversee our program there and visit with the amazing women we serve.  The two major reasons for my trip were to speak at the graduation of 150 women from our two-year literacy program and to provide new micro loans to 250 women, bringing our total of active loans to 830!  Both very exciting events and I want to share some of those experiences with you.

The Graduation

I wish that you all could be with me on these trips to see all that your support provides.  The unbridled joy and gratitude of the women at this graduation was really remarkable and so touching.  They demonstrated why we all do this work.   At the graduation event, the women first greeted us with a banner announcing to their pride in their accomplishments and quite an accomplishment it is. These hardworking women work from sunrise to sunset to feed their families, run a small business (started with a TGC microloan), take care of their children and run their households and yet who found time to attend classes twice a week for two years!  Their joy and pride were further expressed as they came forward to receive their certificates of completion, hugging us and in some cases nearly knocking us over!  In a few cases, the women knelt to honor us and show their appreciation!  During all this, children in the audience witnessed their mother’s success, setting an example for them of the importance of education.

Loan Distribution Day

This is always a highlight of any trip I make to Uganda. On this trip we provided micro loans to 250 women!  By the time, this day comes along, the women borrowers have been selected by their peers to join to a loan group, they have been approved by village leaders as responsible citizens, they have attended three days of business skills training, they have been assisted in developing a business plan, enrolled in literacy classes and now they are eagerly awaiting the moment when they receive their loans; a loan that represents a dream come true, a loan that represents their only hope of getting out of poverty.  Their joy is explosive.  Here are some images from that day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a little of the joy and life renewal that your support brings.  In a world where 20,000 people a day (most of them children under the age of 5) die of preventable causes of poverty, these loans are life changing: giving hope, dignity and a chance for a longer life and a vastly better life with more meals, medical care, schooling for children and more!  Bless you for all you’re doing and for being a part of The Greater Contribution family.

Sincerely, Karon Wright

President, The Greater Contribution

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