Black Tie No-Show Dinner

You’re invited! But please don’t show up to The Greater Contribution’s 16th Annual Black Tie No-Show Dinner fundraiser. Instead of a ball gown, fancy feast and a night out – help a woman educate her children, feed her family, and achieve a lasting solution to poverty.

Matching Gift Challenge!

We are truly blessed to be able to begin this year’s event with an extremely generous matching gift challenge. TGC longtime donors and supporters Andra Ellingston and Fred Simmons are pledging to match every contribution received during our fundraiser up to $30,000. This means that your donation is effectively doubled: double the impact, double the number of women served, double the number of poverty stricken families saved.

Persistence With Assistance

Our theme for this year’s annual Black Tie No-Show Dinner is “Persistence with Assistance”. Our borrowers in Uganda have tough times encoded into their DNA. These women know only living on the edge…the edge of poverty, the edge of starvation and the edge of life itself. Yes, even in the toughest of times they persevere and yes, persist. They never give up on their children, their family or themselves. And it’s with the assistance provide by you through The Greater Contribution that they are able to move away from the razor’s edge into a life of promise and possibilities.

How it Works

For those unfamiliar with our Black Tie No Show Dinner, the concept is simple. Why go to the expense and labor of putting on a big shindig in a fancy ballroom, encompassing months of planning with you spending lots of money on a gown or tux and a babysitter… when you could just stay at home in your jammies, and instead donate the money you save to the most worthwhile charity we know of, The Greater Contribution.

Please donate today and double the impact and the empowerment!

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