The Greater Contribution Makes a “Move 2 Empower” Ugandan Women Struggling To Survive

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Thousand Oaks, CA – When prices rise, the impact is worldwide, especially to women in rural Uganda who support their families with only a few dollars a day.

The Greater Contribution is making a move to change that with their “Move 2 Empower” fundraiser July 11-22 where funds raised online will provide immediate relief to the most impoverished Ugandan women beyond our borders, not with a hand out, but with a hand up, by believing in them.

For the past two decades the non-profit has provided more than 22,000 micro loans (with a 95% repayment rate) to women in remote villages of Uganda, along with literacy and business skills training, mentoring and peer counseling, so they can start their own businesses and lift their families out of poverty. Now their ability to provide basic necessities to their families is threatened from the recent Covid resurgences, soaring prices, and economic downturn resulting in a lack of consumer demand.

Anyone can join The Greater Contribution’s “Move 2 Empower” the women of Uganda by moving compassion into action with a donation, while urging friends, family and associates to do the same at Supporters can also move within their communities by hosting fun fundraising activities where friends sponsor them for walking a committed distance or dancing for a designated amount of time.

“Proceeds will focus on immediate food insecurity relief,” says TGC President Karon Wright who founded the non-profit in 2006. “We will be providing seeds so our borrowers can grow vegetables within weeks and produce additional drought tolerant crops for the long term, so mothers don’t have to choose between only one meal a day, or removing children from school. Loan extensions will also offer much needed support.”

Realities for village women in Uganda served by TGC program:

*Casava flour, a staple of Ugandan diets, has risen 11% from last year.

*Basic food and non-alcoholic drinks increased 11% this year.

*The cost for soap increased from 2,000 Ugandan shillings to 6,000, and cooking oil has risen from 2,500 to 10,500.

*Recent fuel hikes have had a devastating impact on food prep, the supply chain, and getting goods to market.

“Movement and action create positive change in the world,” says Wright. “Together we can ‘Move 2 Empower’ the women of Uganda to persevere through yet another roadblock on their road to breaking the cycle of poverty forever.”

The Greater Contribution empowers impoverished women and girls in Uganda with compassion and respect. We provide financial support through micro loans, education, and development programs to reduce poverty, disease, hunger, illiteracy, and gender inequality. This assistance supports them in becoming equal partners in their families and respected members of their communities, opening doors to a more equitable and prosperous future.

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Contact: Lisa Carey Public Relations
Phone: 818.889.1085

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