Arriving in Uganda

By January 31, 2015June 21st, 20212015 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel
Woman standing wearing sunglasses holding a camera.

Carolyn Corwin

I awoke to the sunset over the African horizon, blessed to have slept 4 hours! When we land in about one hour we will have been traveling for over 30 hours! As long as that is, it does not feel as bad as one would think. I have devoured 5 boxed meals, all but one served in the dark. We left our homes at 4am on Thursday, January 29th and we land on January 30th at 11:30 pm in Entebbe.

I have a sense of peace and happiness as I gaze out of my window watching the ever nearing darkness envelope the bright oranges and reds of the sky; there is one bright star floating along with us. Tonight we will stay at a hotel near the airport and early tomorrow we will travel to Mbale. Our work begins the day after on Sunday. We will visit two of our loan hubs, one in Lwaboba for a quick hello and then travel to Tororo to work with our Loan Administrator there.


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