“Thank You For Loving Us”

By February 2, 2015June 21st, 20212015 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel

This is a sentiment our Ugandan borrowers express to us often and we were thrilled to hear it more than once when we arrived at our loan hubs yesterday for the first time in 6 months.

The women say “Thank you for caring about us and loving us and helping us change our lives.” Or sometimes, just simply “thank you for loving us.” It’s so touching and so wonderful that they recognize what drives our board members, our volunteers and our supporters. This work is truly an act of love—supporting those so much less fortunate — and an act that is returned a hundredfold.

Today, I learned from our Loan Administrator that Deborah, a lovely, older borrower in our group in Lwaboba, has had some health challenges and was due to go to Kampala to see her doctor. But when she learned that “Mum Karon” and “Aunt Carolyn” were coming, she was going to postpone her visit to the doctor so that she could see us! Her home is very near our loan office, so we walked over to see her and she couldn’t stop hugging us. These amazing women can’t express their gratitude often enough or joyously enough!

Three women standing on covered porch.

I wish everyone reading this blog could experience the gratitude of these women as I and other visitors here do. But since you can’t be here, I will just send you their love and their message: “Thank you for loving us!”

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