Ahfoiyo (ah foi yo)

By February 4, 2015June 20th, 20212015 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel

My mind is spinning with all of the things I have seen and done over the last 2 days. I want to tell you about all of our travels and experiences, our learning, our amazing new friends we have met in Gulu. About the roads, the dust, the city, and the remote village we visited. About an amazing organization called Vac Net which is run by the most astounding young man. About a pig, about cows, a pigeon house, and small plots of farmland. About the government planted forests (yes forests!) we traveled through, about a path that is considered a road, and about the dust that is ever present which at times is so thick you cannot see 10 feet in front of you. About the people of Uganda, their strife, their amazing accomplishments through the micro loans they receive. About graciousness beyond belief. About how I am humbled and inspired. And most of all I want to tell you how your generous donations are changing the lives of people who live here, beautiful people who are so thankful for their new opportunities we are providing them. Ahfoiyo  (thank you)

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