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There are many things I wish to do in my life.  I dream of traveling, remodeling, retirement, a new car or recreational vehicle, and of lovely places to visit in my home town.  Here in Uganda they dream of fresh water, irrigation systems, livestock ownership, about affording public education fees, about help for the sick and injured, about their own literacy.  They work hard, and I mean hard with their hands and body.  They dig, and plant, and plow by hand in the hot sun.  They sweep their dirt floors and the grounds around their huts.  They travel miles by foot every day to collect water in Jerry cans, and to hopefully sale their meager harvest at the road side market.  They do this day in and day out, there is never a break in their strife.  They do this or die, these amazing women of Uganda who dream of the basic necessities of life.  I am astonished at their perseverance.  And I am amazed at how the micro loan program helps them to achieve an extra meal a day, pay school fees, help to own a cow, a pig, or a goat, help to afford medicine when needed.  You have no idea how your generous donations ease the pain and suffering.  Here on the ground I see it first hand and I can tell you you are an angel to help us help them.  Their gratitude is beyond belief and so is mine.  There is much more to do, thousands more need help, and those in the program need continuing help.  It is so hard to be here, I want to save them all, I want them to have the basic necessities of life, the things that I take for granted every day in my own life.  Our work to provide micro loans and basic business training continues and I am proud to be participating in the work and to be making a difference in the world.  I am humbled.

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