My Heart Sings!

By February 10, 2015June 20th, 20212015 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel

This morning I was working in our loan office with our loan administrator when a borrower came in. Sharifa is a mother of two and a tailor – we would call her a seamstress. She loves her work but prior to getting a microloan last January her business was poor as she could only afford fabric and materials to make one school uniform at a time. We were thrilled when, one month after receiving her loan she was able to obtain a contract for an entire school. She is now finishing her second loan and came by to share the good news that she now has contracts with three schools and in order to keep up with the work is hiring local, village women to help her! Wow! This is microfinance at its best!


Two women, Sharifa and Karon, sit together in two chairs

She reports that her children are now in very good schools and everyone in her family is eating well. She says she is happier now because she is providing well for her family and now dreams of building her own permanent house!

These moments are the reason we all do this work.   It really made my heart sing!

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