A Day Off!

By February 11, 2015June 20th, 20212015 Uganda Trip, Uganda Travel
Woman standing in front of waterfall with arms in air.

After 12 days of wonderful work here on the ground in Uganda, Karon and I decided to take a day off!  We went to Siipi Falls which is northeast of Mbale. Siipi Falls has 3 falls and I was able to see all 3. One from the vantage point of across the cliffs and the other two I hiked to along with William (our driver and dear friend) and our guide Martin.  Karon went with us to see the first fall and then stayed back at the Siipi Lodge to enjoy the amazing beautiful gardens and the gracious cool weather we found up atop Mt Elgon. It was a nice break for us and a very relaxing day, although the hiking in the hot sun was somewhat of a challenge for me. The falls were powerful, the sound of the crashing water and gurgling river was music to my ears. It was green and lush, cool in the shade, and the water was refreshing.


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